Sports Show at Gallery 1988 LA

I'm excited to have been invited to participate in a print show at Gallery 1988 in LA this month. The show is titled "The Greatest Moments In Sports History (A Poster Show)". I am honored to be among such fantastic artists like Tyler Stout, John Vogel, Daniel Danger, & Drew Millward...to name a few. It is a packed roster. I owe my invitation to the great people over at OMG Posters!. G1988 partnered up with OMGP! to create this exciting new show. The show runs from Mar 6 - 26, 2010 and there will be plenty of great limited edition prints for sale.
The image below is the print I created for the show. It was obviously inspired by the legendary oceanic battles between squids and whales. However, this battle has much more sportsmanship involved as they put their Water Polo skills to the test. It is a 3 color screen print on midnight blue linen paper.

Squids vs. Whales | 17.5"X17.5" inch Screen Print | Gallery 1988 LA

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  1. absolutely love this! might have to save up for a limited edition print...