1,000 More Greetings

I'm excited to announce that Quayside Publishing’s book 1000 More Greetings by Aesthetic Movement has hit stores and features some of my work. You can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other fine book sellers etc..

More Winter Shows

••• The Art Of Musical Maintanence 7 •••
@ The Goodfoot in Portland, OR
Dec 9 - Jan 25
The annual rock poster show is back with the likes of EMEK, Guy Burwell, Jay Ryan, Jim Mazza, John Vogl, Methane studios, Nate Duval, Patent Pending, Todd Slater, Tyler Stout, and a ton more! The Goodfoot is located at 2845 SE Stark Street. On-line sales will begin Dec 12th at www.thegoodfoot.com.

••• Not For Squares •••
@ The Basement Gallery in Boise, ID
Dec 2 – Jan 29
Not for Squares is the Basement Gallery’s Winter exhibition. A baker’s dozen of artists pack a punch in a whammy of a show – a little street, a little pop-surreal, a little eccentric and the downright strange.
Misty Benson, Gary McCauley, Shelley Jund, Emily Wenner and Joseph Cowman debut at the gallery, with second-time exhibitor, Tobias Cresci and regular exhibitors Ben Wilson, Mike Flinn, April VaDeGrift, John Padlo, Keith Farnsworth, Tony Rios, and John Warfel.
The Basement Gallery is located at 928 West Main Street in downtown Boise. On-line sales can be found at www.basementgalleryboise.com a few weeks after opening night.

TMP 9+1 Pt. 2

For the second time in two years Trey McIntyre Project is collaborating with Idaho artists in an even grander version of the original 9+1 Project. Trey McIntyre Project asked each participating artist to create a “portrait” of the dancers. The exhibit will remain open to the public Monday through Friday from 9-5 through December 23. TMP Headquarters are located at 775 Fulton Street in downtown Boise, ID. On-line sales will begin Dec 3rd at treymcintyre.com. The pieces I did for the show are below.

The American Athlete (girl) | Mixed Media | TMP 9+1 Pt. 2

The American Athlete (boy) | Mixed Media | TMP 9+1 Pt. 2


Boise Weekly Illustrations

Here are some more select Boise Weekly illustrations that might be pleasing to your eye balls.


New Built To Spill Poster

There was a bit of a "Boise invasion" at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon this past weekend. Legendary Boise rockers Built to Spill played the Ballroom with other great Boise acts like Le Fleur. The CB topped off the Boise connection by asking me to design the poster for the show. I had a lot of fun with this design and was really inspired by the Boise community that fosters great artist like Built To Spill and Le Fleur. You can see the results below. It is available for purchase at my on-line store. I'd like to thank everybody involved with this great Boise/Portland collaboration!

Built To Spill with Le Fleur | 12"X18" inches | Edition of 137
Signed & Numbered | High Quality Off-Set Print | Desert Storm Stock
$20.00 + Shipping | Available at www.benwilsonart.com


Monsters In The Cupboard

The Flying M put together a cool show to benefit the Idaho Foodbank this month called Monsters In The Cupboard. They gave local artists a cupboard door with a charge to create images inspired by the title of the show. Below is the results of my cupboard creation titled Soggy Bread. The cupboards will be up for silent auction through the month of October. There are a lot of amazing artists in this show like Randy Jamison, Erin Ruiz, Cale Cathey, Jerms, Toby Robin, and John Warfel... the list goes on. The Flying M is located in downtown Boise at 500 W. Idaho St.

Soggy Bread | 23"x13" Inches | Mixed Media on Cupboard

Soggy Bread | Detail


The Black Keys Poster

I had the pleasure of working with The Black Keys management in creating a poster for a stop on their tour this fall. They commissioned several amazing designers/artists to create posters for each stop on the tour. I designed the poster for the Seattle show at The Paramount Theatre. I'd like to thank Fielding and everybody in The Black Keys camp for having me participate. If you dig a heavy neo-blues jam, then I would pick up a copy of The Black Keys new album titled Brothers. The are excellent live as well, if you get the opportunity to see them. The poster is currently available in the on-line store at www.benwilsonart.com.

The Black Keys | 17.75" x 12.75" inches | Edition of 197
Signed & Numbered | High Quality Off-Set Print | Natural Felt Stock
$20.00 + Shipping | Available At www.benwilsonart.com


Freaks & Geeks

I did a piece for a very noble individual named Andrew Wycherly quite sometime ago and I recently felt a need to post it. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the wide world of sports and I felt a need to address and honor his vast knowledge through the piece below. It is titled Freaks & Geeks of the NBA. It is an ode to the unsung heroes of the NBA that inspired us in nontraditional ways. There are some stats that just aren't quantifiable, however some of us are certainly keeping tabs regardless of their ambiguity...

Freaks & Geeks of the NBA | Mixed Media on Panel


PangeaSeed 2010

I was pleased to be invited back to participate in PangeaSeed's benefit artshow this year. The event was held in Tokyo, Japan and was appropriately titled Shark Love. I did a special piece for this years event, you can see the results below. It is titled O Toshiyori O Sonchoo Suru or in other words, Respect Your Elders. PangeaSeed is an organization dedicated to protecting sharks and other seaworthy creatures from being eradicated by us greedy humans. They also strive to educate and create awareness about these important issues. You can see pictures from all this years Pangeaseed events here. It looks like they wrangled in a lot of great artists again this year. You can find out more about Pangeaseed over at their website www.pangeaseed.com. Oh, and remember... No Fin, No Future.

O Toshiyori O Sonchoo Suru | Mixed Media on Panel

Framed up and ready for the trip to Japan...


8 New Art Prints Available

I recently released several new art prints in the on-line store at www.benwilsonart.com. They are limited edition giclée prints of the Hairball series, the Space Odyssey series, Café Jargon, and Smell The Wind (which is shown below). Feel free to check them out and plenty of other prints and posters at the website. I appreciate all the on-line support I receive from those of you around the globe making purchases at the website. It helps out my little family a lot!

Smell The Wind | 9"x 25" | Signed & Numbered | $60 USD

England Here I Come!

Well, not me personally, but a lot of my original paintings, prints, books, etc.. will be making their way across the pond to the Weekend Gallery in Hastings, England. Below is some initial info. I'll post more info as the opening draws near. www.weekendgallery.co.uk

5 New Izozzi Skins/Shells

Below are 5 new images you can use to protect your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. You can purchase all kinds of Izozzi products right now at www.izozzi.com. As you can see below, they are already supporting the iPhone 4. They are also becoming available in several Mac retail locations across the North West. Look for them to be hitting a store near you.

Pacific Nomadic

A band of young chaps out of Seattle called Pacific Nomadic chose my Squids v.s Whales image for the cover of their debut Mutual EP. It sounds like they will have stickers and t-shirts featuring these creatures of the deep in the near future as well. I believe you can download the EP in it's entirety for free over at their website. It is always an honor to have musicians connect with my work because music is probably the biggest influence and source of inspiration for my work. If you dig acts like The Appleseed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate, or Jimmy Eat World, then I think you'll enjoy Pacific Nomadic. Check them out at www.pacificnomadic.com


Birthday Cake

Rumor has it that Modest Mouse front man, Isaac Brock, recently requested a birthday cake with an image of him battling a giant caterpillar with a knife to it's throat. Well, his friend's and band mate's weren't sure if they could pull off such a crazy cake. However, they did think they might be able to commission me to create a painting of said image. Below are the results. It was a blast to work on and from all accounts, the surprise gift was enjoyed by all parties involved.

Birthday Cake | Mixed Media on Panel

ICL Shirt Design & More...

I was recently asked to design a new t-shirt for the Idaho Conservation League. It was easy to say yes to such an important organization, check them out at www.idahoconservation.org. The design stems from one of their key tag lines, Because You Love Idaho. We attempted to create a fun design that would connect with a younger generation of Idahoans who care about our beautiful environment. Three different color options should be available in the near future.
I also posted images of a couple of pieces I created this past winter for the Flying M's fantastic Valentine's for Aids benefit show. I currently have several new and older works available at the Flying M's downtown Boise location, 500 West Idaho St. www.flyingmcoffee.com.

ICL Shirt Mock-up | Green

ICL Shirt Mock-up | Deep Mustard

Detail of ICL Shirt Graphic

Like A Right Hand & A Left... We Were Meant To Be | Mixed Media on Panel

Like A Left Foot & A Right... We Were Meant To Be | Mixed Media on Panel


New Izozzi :::Fallen Leaf::: Series

Izozzi has released a new series of skins for the iPhone, iPad, & iTouch. It sounds like they have new products coming down the pipeline all the time, in addition to new retail locations to purchase them at. Feel free to check them out at www.izozzi.com.

Percussion: Drum | iPad Skin

Chorus: Alto | iPhone Skin

Chorus: Bass | iTouch Skin

Chorus: Bass | iPad Skin


I'm excited to announce that I was recently invited to join the comprehensive design and gallery house Abztract. After seeing the amazing international group of artists involved with this collective, I could not refuse the invitation. The Abztract team includes talented people like HiddenMoves, EyeFormation, JustinK, Arkiv Instant, Papermonster, Veng, and not to mention Art Director and Co-Founder of Abztract, Shia Dahan. These are just a few of the many great artists involved with Abztract. You can check everybody out and learn more at www.abztract.com. The site also has lots of great art prints and original works available for purchase. I'd like to thank Shai and everybody at Abztract for welcoming me to the group.


More BW Illustrations + iTouch Skins

Here are some more Boise Weekly illustrations for your eyeballs to look at... if you want to. Also, Izozzi just added skins for the iTouch to their line of products. You can order them through www.izozzi.com.


New Art Prints Available + iPad Skins

I have several new limited edition art prints available in the store at www.benwilsonart.com. The Squids vs. Whales screen print is now available along with several giclee prints like the Monster Love series, School Play, and more!
Also, izozzi now has my ghostly series of skins available for the iPad. I'm glad to see that Bill Carman is now on board at izozzi as well. It sounds like there are more izozzi products coming out in the near future...

Rock'n Roll Wedding

I was recently approached about a project that involved designing a gigposter for a wedding. The Fergusons wanted to create a unique invitation/thank you for guests of their wedding. It is obviously great memorabilia and keepsake for their family as well. I thought it was a great way to put a fresh spin on the whole wedding invitations/thank yous. We incorporated imagery that is very personalized to their courtship and personalities. are the results:

Ferguson Wedding Poster | Limited Edition Print | 12"x18" Inches

Black Rainbows

Here are detailed images of the rest of the Black Rainbows series that I mentioned I would post in relation to the Flying Heads post. The flying heads are part of the series as well. The two heads (Seeing Pink & Speedy Delivery) and Pink Lemonade are the only originals still available. Feel free to contact me via www.benwilsonart.com if your interested in them. Prints will be made available in the future as well.

Left Generator | Mixed Media on Panel | 5"x7" inches

Teenagers | Mixed Media on Panel | 8"x10" inches

Spilt | Mixed Media on Panel | 10"x12" inches

Pink Lemonade | Mixed Media on Panel | 11"x14" inches

Special Delivery | Mixed Media on Panel | 8"x10" inches

The Wee One | Mixed Media on Panel | 5"x7" inches

Right Generator | Mixed Media on Panel | 5"x7" inches


Izozzi Skins & Shells

Izozzi has recently released a series of ArtSkins for the iPhone featuring some of my ghostly artwork. Both Gel skin and HardShell versions are currently available at www.izozzi.com. They also have other great products to come in the near future. They also have several other skins by other great artists like Wesley Eggebrecht available. I'd like to thank everybody at Izozzi for bringing me on board!

Jessica The Friendly Ghost | Gel Skin

Gregg The Beastly Ghost | Gel Skin

Chad The Punctual Ghost | Gel Skin

Emily The Organic Ghost | Gel Skin

Basement Gallery Sidewalk Sign

I was recently commissioned by the lovely folks at the Basement Gallery to create a sidewalk sign for their fine establishment. I've never really done a sidewalk sign before, so it was exciting to learn a lot of new things in the process. It stands about 4'ft tall and encourages people on the street to take a look at all the fabulous art in the Basement. Speaking of fabulous art, the Gallery currently has an amazing show on exhibit featuring British artists Jane Andrews & James Tisdale along with several local artists like Tarmo Watia, Molly Hill, & John Taye.



The Sidewalk Sign in It's Natural Environment