Commission Piece

Here is piece I just finished last week. It was commissioned by the Steve Kramer family. The imagery and story behind it is very personalized for their home and family. It is always great to see a piece come together that has specific meaning created through a collaboration of ideas and concepts. It is fun to bring other people's dreams and visions to life and not just my own. The Kramer family was a pleasure to work with.

Sydney The Traveler of Space & Time | Mixed Media on Wood

Flying Heads

Here are some more sculptures I recently created. They are from one of my larger series titled "Black Rainbows". Look for the entire series to be posted at a later date.

Speedy Delivery & Seeing Pink | Mixed Media on Wood

Speedy Delivery & Seeing Pink | Mixed Media on Wood | Back Side

Seeing Pink

Speedy Delivery

Speedy Delivery | Profile

Recent Sculptures

Here are some detailed images of some of the sculptural work I debuted at the Basement Gallery in recent months. Timmy & Lucy are still available at the gallery. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any interest in Lady Isabeau or Gary.

Lady Isabeau d'Anjou | Mixed Media on Wood

Lady Isabeau d'Anjou | Mixed Media on Wood | Back Side

Friendly People | Mixed Media on Wood

Friendly People | Mixed Media on Wood | Back Side

Friendly Timmy

Friendly Lucy

Friendly Gary


Sports Show at Gallery 1988 LA

I'm excited to have been invited to participate in a print show at Gallery 1988 in LA this month. The show is titled "The Greatest Moments In Sports History (A Poster Show)". I am honored to be among such fantastic artists like Tyler Stout, John Vogel, Daniel Danger, & Drew Millward...to name a few. It is a packed roster. I owe my invitation to the great people over at OMG Posters!. G1988 partnered up with OMGP! to create this exciting new show. The show runs from Mar 6 - 26, 2010 and there will be plenty of great limited edition prints for sale.
The image below is the print I created for the show. It was obviously inspired by the legendary oceanic battles between squids and whales. However, this battle has much more sportsmanship involved as they put their Water Polo skills to the test. It is a 3 color screen print on midnight blue linen paper.

Squids vs. Whales | 17.5"X17.5" inch Screen Print | Gallery 1988 LA

Boise Fry Company Shirt + More...

The great people over at the delicious Boise Fry Company asked me to design a new shirt. The design was heavily influenced by the culture surrounding downtown Boise, where the BFC is located. Rumor has it that they'll soon be offering a discount for patrons who ride their bike to grab a bite.
I also included images of a shirt graphic I designed a while back for The River Company located in Stanley Idaho. It was a fun graphic to create and I realized I never posted it on my website. It is inspired by a specific rock formation that their guided tours stop by for rock/cliff jumping.

BFC Shirt Mock-Up

Detail of BFC Shirt Graphic

The River Company Shirt Mock-Up

Back side of The River Company Shirt

Detail of The River Company Shirt Graphic

Robots At The Boise Art Museum

I had a great time doing a demo at the Boise Art Museum last Saturday. It was "Family Day" at the museum and I now realize that is probably one of the best days to visit the museum. There were all kinds of activities going on. It was especially exciting to be creating robots among pieces from some of my favorite artists: Jeff Soto, Mars-1, and Eric Feng. I've never scene any of their work in person before and I didn't even know they were in the exhibition! BAM continues to bring amazing work to our little city. But above all else, it was really cool to connect with all the people who came out to experience the exhibit. The kids and other visitors were able to create their own robots right along with me. Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon will be on exhibit at the museum until May 16th.