Izozzi Skins & Shells

Izozzi has recently released a series of ArtSkins for the iPhone featuring some of my ghostly artwork. Both Gel skin and HardShell versions are currently available at www.izozzi.com. They also have other great products to come in the near future. They also have several other skins by other great artists like Wesley Eggebrecht available. I'd like to thank everybody at Izozzi for bringing me on board!

Jessica The Friendly Ghost | Gel Skin

Gregg The Beastly Ghost | Gel Skin

Chad The Punctual Ghost | Gel Skin

Emily The Organic Ghost | Gel Skin

Basement Gallery Sidewalk Sign

I was recently commissioned by the lovely folks at the Basement Gallery to create a sidewalk sign for their fine establishment. I've never really done a sidewalk sign before, so it was exciting to learn a lot of new things in the process. It stands about 4'ft tall and encourages people on the street to take a look at all the fabulous art in the Basement. Speaking of fabulous art, the Gallery currently has an amazing show on exhibit featuring British artists Jane Andrews & James Tisdale along with several local artists like Tarmo Watia, Molly Hill, & John Taye.



The Sidewalk Sign in It's Natural Environment