Here is a random batch of relatively recent paintings. The first is a commission for my sisters 5 year old son who loves garbage trucks. The second is a return to my Treebot series that I created for a demo at BAM during their robot exhibition. Third, is a piece that I actually reworked a bit, which may be the first time I've ever made a second pass at a piece after I called it good?

Hawkins Waste Management | 30"x12" inches | Mixed Media on wood

The Summoner | 14"x11" inches | Mixed Media on wood

My Friend In The Attic | 16"x20" inches | Mixed Media on Paper

3 New TMP 9+1 Pieces

After participating in the exceptional TMP 9+1 show, I was commissioned to create 3 new pieces in addition to the original 2 pieces I created for the show. It was fun to see the series expand over time. I would like to thank the Trey McIntyre Project and all the wonderful people who commissioned me to create this series.

The American Athlete (woman) | Mixed Media | TMP 9+1 pt.2

The American Athlete (man) | Mixed Media | TMP 9+1 pt.2

The American Athlete (female) | Mixed Media | TMP 9+1 pt.2

More Boise Weekly Illustrations

Here are some select images from my ever growing Boise Weekly illustration archive.

Medical Illustrations

I have had the pleasure of working with Upper Cervical Clinics of Idaho for a few years now and I thought I'd share some of the projects I've been doing with them. I've included a business card and some select charts.