I'm excited to announce that I was recently invited to join the comprehensive design and gallery house Abztract. After seeing the amazing international group of artists involved with this collective, I could not refuse the invitation. The Abztract team includes talented people like HiddenMoves, EyeFormation, JustinK, Arkiv Instant, Papermonster, Veng, and not to mention Art Director and Co-Founder of Abztract, Shia Dahan. These are just a few of the many great artists involved with Abztract. You can check everybody out and learn more at www.abztract.com. The site also has lots of great art prints and original works available for purchase. I'd like to thank Shai and everybody at Abztract for welcoming me to the group.


More BW Illustrations + iTouch Skins

Here are some more Boise Weekly illustrations for your eyeballs to look at... if you want to. Also, Izozzi just added skins for the iTouch to their line of products. You can order them through www.izozzi.com.


New Art Prints Available + iPad Skins

I have several new limited edition art prints available in the store at www.benwilsonart.com. The Squids vs. Whales screen print is now available along with several giclee prints like the Monster Love series, School Play, and more!
Also, izozzi now has my ghostly series of skins available for the iPad. I'm glad to see that Bill Carman is now on board at izozzi as well. It sounds like there are more izozzi products coming out in the near future...

Rock'n Roll Wedding

I was recently approached about a project that involved designing a gigposter for a wedding. The Fergusons wanted to create a unique invitation/thank you for guests of their wedding. It is obviously great memorabilia and keepsake for their family as well. I thought it was a great way to put a fresh spin on the whole wedding invitations/thank yous. We incorporated imagery that is very personalized to their courtship and personalities. are the results:

Ferguson Wedding Poster | Limited Edition Print | 12"x18" Inches

Black Rainbows

Here are detailed images of the rest of the Black Rainbows series that I mentioned I would post in relation to the Flying Heads post. The flying heads are part of the series as well. The two heads (Seeing Pink & Speedy Delivery) and Pink Lemonade are the only originals still available. Feel free to contact me via www.benwilsonart.com if your interested in them. Prints will be made available in the future as well.

Left Generator | Mixed Media on Panel | 5"x7" inches

Teenagers | Mixed Media on Panel | 8"x10" inches

Spilt | Mixed Media on Panel | 10"x12" inches

Pink Lemonade | Mixed Media on Panel | 11"x14" inches

Special Delivery | Mixed Media on Panel | 8"x10" inches

The Wee One | Mixed Media on Panel | 5"x7" inches

Right Generator | Mixed Media on Panel | 5"x7" inches