Birthday Cake

Rumor has it that Modest Mouse front man, Isaac Brock, recently requested a birthday cake with an image of him battling a giant caterpillar with a knife to it's throat. Well, his friend's and band mate's weren't sure if they could pull off such a crazy cake. However, they did think they might be able to commission me to create a painting of said image. Below are the results. It was a blast to work on and from all accounts, the surprise gift was enjoyed by all parties involved.

Birthday Cake | Mixed Media on Panel

ICL Shirt Design & More...

I was recently asked to design a new t-shirt for the Idaho Conservation League. It was easy to say yes to such an important organization, check them out at www.idahoconservation.org. The design stems from one of their key tag lines, Because You Love Idaho. We attempted to create a fun design that would connect with a younger generation of Idahoans who care about our beautiful environment. Three different color options should be available in the near future.
I also posted images of a couple of pieces I created this past winter for the Flying M's fantastic Valentine's for Aids benefit show. I currently have several new and older works available at the Flying M's downtown Boise location, 500 West Idaho St. www.flyingmcoffee.com.

ICL Shirt Mock-up | Green

ICL Shirt Mock-up | Deep Mustard

Detail of ICL Shirt Graphic

Like A Right Hand & A Left... We Were Meant To Be | Mixed Media on Panel

Like A Left Foot & A Right... We Were Meant To Be | Mixed Media on Panel