PangeaSeed 2010

I was pleased to be invited back to participate in PangeaSeed's benefit artshow this year. The event was held in Tokyo, Japan and was appropriately titled Shark Love. I did a special piece for this years event, you can see the results below. It is titled O Toshiyori O Sonchoo Suru or in other words, Respect Your Elders. PangeaSeed is an organization dedicated to protecting sharks and other seaworthy creatures from being eradicated by us greedy humans. They also strive to educate and create awareness about these important issues. You can see pictures from all this years Pangeaseed events here. It looks like they wrangled in a lot of great artists again this year. You can find out more about Pangeaseed over at their website www.pangeaseed.com. Oh, and remember... No Fin, No Future.

O Toshiyori O Sonchoo Suru | Mixed Media on Panel

Framed up and ready for the trip to Japan...


8 New Art Prints Available

I recently released several new art prints in the on-line store at www.benwilsonart.com. They are limited edition giclée prints of the Hairball series, the Space Odyssey series, Café Jargon, and Smell The Wind (which is shown below). Feel free to check them out and plenty of other prints and posters at the website. I appreciate all the on-line support I receive from those of you around the globe making purchases at the website. It helps out my little family a lot!

Smell The Wind | 9"x 25" | Signed & Numbered | $60 USD

England Here I Come!

Well, not me personally, but a lot of my original paintings, prints, books, etc.. will be making their way across the pond to the Weekend Gallery in Hastings, England. Below is some initial info. I'll post more info as the opening draws near. www.weekendgallery.co.uk

5 New Izozzi Skins/Shells

Below are 5 new images you can use to protect your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. You can purchase all kinds of Izozzi products right now at www.izozzi.com. As you can see below, they are already supporting the iPhone 4. They are also becoming available in several Mac retail locations across the North West. Look for them to be hitting a store near you.

Pacific Nomadic

A band of young chaps out of Seattle called Pacific Nomadic chose my Squids v.s Whales image for the cover of their debut Mutual EP. It sounds like they will have stickers and t-shirts featuring these creatures of the deep in the near future as well. I believe you can download the EP in it's entirety for free over at their website. It is always an honor to have musicians connect with my work because music is probably the biggest influence and source of inspiration for my work. If you dig acts like The Appleseed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate, or Jimmy Eat World, then I think you'll enjoy Pacific Nomadic. Check them out at www.pacificnomadic.com