Wedding Poster + Commission Piece

It was a pleasure to create a poster for Alex & Codie's wedding at the illustrious Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. When they asked me to work with a Circus/Beetlejuice theme for the design, I new it would be a fun project.
Meanwhile, Codie secretly commissioned me to create a special piece for her groom to be. It was inspired by many of Alex's favorite things from zombies to Washington State and soccer to pale ale. The results of that piece are below the poster design.

Wedding Poster | 12"x18" Inches | Alex & Codie

Codie + Alex = Zombie Love | Approx. 30"x12" Inches | Mixed Media on Wood Panels

Codie + Alex = Zombie Love | Zombie Sasquatch Detail

Codie + Alex = Zombie Love | Angled Detail


  1. these are amazing, Ben. I'm always really excited to see your work. Thanks for keeping us up to date! I especially love the layers wood painting!

    fantastic stuff!

  2. Wholly crap, Zombie Love is AMAZING!!!!