The Hope Inside Your Sleep

Here is a book I designed and illustrated for the band Bank. They wanted to create an alternative to the standard CD and that is how this book came to be. It is like a story book or graphic novel that follows the story of the album as you listen to it. It has a little download card in the back to access the music. I think it was a great idea and it was a fun project to do:

Bank: The Hope Inside Your Sleep | Cover Page

Inside Cover & Title Page

Page/Song 1 & 2

Page/Song 3 & 4

Page/Song 5 & 6

Page/Song 7 & 8

Page/Song 9 & 10

Page/Song 11 & Page 12

Credits & Thank Yous

Download Card & Inside Cover

Back Cover

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  1. I would like to see more bands coming out with downloadable albums. I miss getting album covers and booklets, but not CDs. A great combination here. Also, I added your blog to our my blog, so keep the posts coming.