For Starters

Let's begin with some more obscure work from the wilson archive:

The Big "O" | Mixed Media on Giant Letter "O" | Client: Oliver Russell

Visual Assault | Mixed Media on Panel | Collaboration With Erin Cunningham

Being Swallowed Is Such Sweet Sorrow | Mixed Media on Panel

Dachshund Von WienerHaussen & The Golden Age Of The K-9 | Mixed Media on Panel

Sleeping Lessons (by The Shins) | Mixed Media on Panel | Client: McMenamins

Big Dipper (by Built To Spill) | Mixed Media on Panel | Client: McMenamins

Record Exchange Munny Auction 2008 | Mixed Media on Munny Vinyl Figurine

Why Cats Paint | Mixed Media on Drawer | Piece For Collaborative Chest of Drawers @ "The Vague Collaborative" 2009.

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  1. Love the Big Dipper. Could you get prints of that made.