The Black Keys Poster

I had the pleasure of working with The Black Keys management in creating a poster for a stop on their tour this fall. They commissioned several amazing designers/artists to create posters for each stop on the tour. I designed the poster for the Seattle show at The Paramount Theatre. I'd like to thank Fielding and everybody in The Black Keys camp for having me participate. If you dig a heavy neo-blues jam, then I would pick up a copy of The Black Keys new album titled Brothers. The are excellent live as well, if you get the opportunity to see them. The poster is currently available in the on-line store at www.benwilsonart.com.

The Black Keys | 17.75" x 12.75" inches | Edition of 197
Signed & Numbered | High Quality Off-Set Print | Natural Felt Stock
$20.00 + Shipping | Available At www.benwilsonart.com

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