PangeaSeed 2010

I was pleased to be invited back to participate in PangeaSeed's benefit artshow this year. The event was held in Tokyo, Japan and was appropriately titled Shark Love. I did a special piece for this years event, you can see the results below. It is titled O Toshiyori O Sonchoo Suru or in other words, Respect Your Elders. PangeaSeed is an organization dedicated to protecting sharks and other seaworthy creatures from being eradicated by us greedy humans. They also strive to educate and create awareness about these important issues. You can see pictures from all this years Pangeaseed events here. It looks like they wrangled in a lot of great artists again this year. You can find out more about Pangeaseed over at their website www.pangeaseed.com. Oh, and remember... No Fin, No Future.

O Toshiyori O Sonchoo Suru | Mixed Media on Panel

Framed up and ready for the trip to Japan...

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