Commission + Creation Process + Animated Gif

Here is a commission piece I recently wrapped up for the Price family. It was inspired by time spent with their dog on the beautiful Rock Garden/Rock Island trails in the Boise Foothills. It is appropriately titled Rock Garden. Rock Island happens to be one of my favorite trails to mountain bike, so it really brought this piece home for me too. Thanks for a great project Price family!
I am asked about my painting process from time to time, so I thought I'd show a bit of the process via the animated gif below. I break down the process a little more in the images below the animated gif. The process for any given project is different, but I thought people might like to see one explained in more depth. 

Rock Garden | 8 Stage Process
Rock Garden | Concept Sketch
Rock Garden | Rough Sketch
Rock Garden | Value Sketch
Rock Garden | Initial Color Wash
Rock Garden | Low Lights
Rock Garden | Highlights & Richer Color
Rock Garden | Finishing Details/Final Product
Rock Garden | 24"x18" inches | Mixed Media on Panel | Price Family Commission

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