Built To Spill Inspired Commission

I was recently asked to create a commission piece as a wedding gift that featured Doug Martsch of the legendary rock outfit Built To Spill along with the lyrics to their song Else. Well BTS is possibly my favorite band of all time, so it was a pleasure to work within the requested guidelines. We ended up using an image I created for the Boise Weekly that accompanied a rare in-depth interview with Doug, as the foundation for the piece. It was fun to revisit an older piece and bring new life to it for such a special occasion. It was also an honor to be commissioned by fellow artist Nicholas Burgdorf AKA Pickle. You can check out his prolific collection of unique work at www.facebook.com/PickleArt.

Else  |  High Quality Off-Set Print  |  12"x18" inches  |  Commission


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    1. Thanks Sarah! That is definitely one of their best songs, excellent choice!