Wedding Commission

I had the pleasure of creating another very personalized wedding piece for some recent newlyweds. You can view the results below. The bride secretly commissioned this as a gift for the groom at their wedding. It tells the story of their courtship, uncanny personalities, and the curtain call to matrimony. Thanks for bringing a fun and meaningful project to my table Renee! 

The Shape Of Us | 14"x18" inches | Wedding Commission


  1. nice effects! those frills are super well done. at first I thought that this was a project on wood, with layers like you do sometimes. It definitely has a similar feel.

    The stage set was a great idea. Do you generally draw your elements individually and then bring them together? Or do you draw it all on one page? I've started drawing most of my elements individually.

    1. Yo Kyle,

      Thanks man. Yeah, for a piece like this where I'm applying a lot of effects and wanting to create depth of field... I draw most of the elements separately. Then it is much easier for me to apply all the different effects to each individual element. Like most pieces I create in this manner, there are a TON of layers in the file.