Poster Party 2012

Last week was the second installment of Poster Party which looks to be building into an annual event. The image below is the poster I created for the 2012 event. It is titled Love At First Bike and is printed on 100% recycled Green Tea Matte Paper. A portion of the proceeds from  the event benefited the Treaure Valley YMCA. I'd like to thank Stodstrum for putting on another fine event for our community. A big thanks to all the patrons who purchased posters in support of Treasure Valley YMCA and local art. 
Love At First Bike | 12"x18" inches | Off-Set Poster | Poster Party 2012


  1. you excel at this stuff! i love the small elements as well, like bandaids, power line gibber, etc etc etc. very fun piece.

    thanks for sharing.

    1. No, thank you for looking and taking the time to share your thoughts.