Hyde Park Plumbing

I had a really great time doing several projects for Boise's own Hyde Park Plumbing. Below are images from the creation of their branding, identity, biz cards, and vehicle wrap. If your familiar with Boise's North End neighborhood, then you'll probably see some of the inspiration behind these designs. If your looking for a friendly, experienced, independent, and all around good plumber... give Hyde Park Plumbing a try!

Hyde Park Plumbing | Logo

Hyde Park Plumbing | Business Card

Hyde Park Plumbing | Truck Wrap Detail | Passenger Side

Hyde Park Plumbing | Truck Wrap Detail | Driver Side

Hyde Park Plumbing | Truck Wrap | Driver Side

Hyde Park Plumbing | Truck Wrap | Passenger Side

Hyde Park Plumbing | Truck Wrap | Front

Hyde Park Plumbing | Truck Wrap | Back Door


  1. this is straight up amazing. huge congratulations, Ben. That is pretty remarkable.

    one thing that I have never understood tho, how do you make your images that big without losing quality?

    great stuff.

    1. Hey Kyle,

      It is pretty crazy, but you do have to create the files at full size, so the files for the sides, were literally 14'ft across. However, they only needed to be 100dpi. The files were still huge but definitely not as huge as if they were at the standard 300dpi. Like some billboards, for example, only have to be like 60dpi. Since people aren't viewing vehicle wraps and billboards close up, you don't have to print it at such a high dpi. It was a great learning experience in general. Thanks for the positive feedback!

  2. wow that info is certainly unexpected. very interesting! Thanks for replying!

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