Another Pooch Portrait

I was recently commissioned to create a dog portrait and the results are below. A Boise woman wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a portrait of his long time K9 companion, Killy. It was a "hush hush" operation to be revealed as a surprise birthday present. It is always fun to create a very personalized piece for someone all while trying to keep it on the down-low. The element of surprise was kept in tact and all parties involved seemed very excited with the finished product. As you can probably tell, Killy loves running in the mountains and his favorite stuffed hedgehog is along for the ride.

The Man In The Poodle Suit | Mixed Media on Wood


  1. I once had a stray dog that I adopted for 3 days and I named him Achilles and called him Killy. Loved that dog. I love the portrait.

  2. nice! what sorts of "mixed media"?

  3. I like this! If one were to inquire about the costs for a commissioned piece, is there an email address I could use? I love your work. I just got your poster from the BBP Poster Party. :)