Paintings & Sculptures: Part 2

Here are some various paintings & sculptures from art shows in 2009. Most of them were debuted in either The Basement Gallery or Visual Arts collective in Boise, ID. There are prints of most of the paintings available. Feel free to email me for purchase inquiries.

There's Nothing Wrong With Love | Mixed Media
Side Note: Many people are unaware that there is a secret robotoon on my website that inspired this sculpture. If you roll over the little screw-head looking thing at the top right-hand side of any page, it will spin and then some words will pop out. Then click on it and it will play the toon in a separate window. It is a little "easter egg" that has been on there for years, but is difficult to find. Well, all has been revealed on Blogtronic!!!!!!

Hairball #3 | Mixed Media on Panel

Hairball #1 | Mixed Media on Panel

Hairball #2 | Mixed Media on Panel

Watchers In The Woods | Mixed Media

Café Jargon | Mixed Media on Panel | Currently Available @ The Basement Gallery

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